Aoteoroa New Zealand joins the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

25 Jun 2022

Aoteoroa New Zealand joins the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, thus signalling its support to combatting antisemitism and genocide. Together with 44 other nations, including Australia, Canada, Uni...

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Chairing Aoteoroa New Zealand's Electoral Review

24 May 2022

The Minister for Justice today announced my appointment as the Chair to review Aoteoroa New Zealand's electoral laws.

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It's time to fight back against antisemitic tropes

09 May 2022

To give you the scale and awfulness of the issue, Jewish children in Aoteoroa New Zealand, when asked, pretty much all say they have been subject to antisemitism from the verbal to the physical. We need to make this stop.

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Speaking to Power

05 Apr 2022

The Consumer Advocacy Council was established to give voice to small electricity consumers. Working together, we can create a fairer industry and empower people to make informed choices about their energy use and supply....

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Weaponising the Holocaust

06 Dec 2021

Speaking on the Breakfast Show on why protestors against vaccination mandates and vaccination, should not be invoking the Holocaust.

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The top diverse board-ready directors 2021

04 Oct 2021

The Super Diversity Institute for Law, Policy and Business together with the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs named Deborah Hart as a top diverse board-ready director.

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